Meet Abraham!



Meet seven-year-old Abraham. He was born a healthy baby, until a year later when he started having seizures. After numerous tests, doctors diagnosed him with cerebral palsy. His life became difficult. He has endured multiple surgeries, including a procedure to implant a g-tube. Abraham is unable to walk, although he can stand with assistance. Furthermore, he is learning how to speak using sentences. The young boy has a strong enough will to face any obstacle and still be happy.


      Abraham has a variety of interests. He watches animated shows and movies. His favorites are Paw Patrol and Disney’s Cars, respectively. He likes seeing basketball games and is a fan of the Spurs. He enjoys other activities, too. Abraham loves Storytime and hearing his favorite book, The Hiccupotamus. He also adores playing with his two dogs. They are best friends, evidenced by his big smile and their wagging tails. Abraham, in truth, rarely stops grinning. He frequently even laughs at himself. Abraham can fall, and he giggles all the way to the floor. More importantly, he gets back up and continues laughing. Abraham learned an important lesson. A great sense of humor is the best way to turn a hard fall into life’s slippery bananas.


Abraham needs a Rifton tricycle to improve his leg strength and stamina. He will also have fun riding on the trike. Please be his sponsor