Meet Adam!



Meet six-year-old Adam. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He endures disturbing seizures. Furthermore, Adam tries hard to walk. His ability to speak is minimal. He also has severe allergic reactions in his esophagus, which makes eating a struggle. None of these challenges hinder Adam from being joyful.


Adam discovered his own ways of having fun. He loves playing music. His favorite instrument is the piano. His bright smile matches the white ivories that he pushes with nimble fingers. Adam is very tactile. He will hold anything in his hands. Adam reaches for his grandma’s keys and cell phone whenever she visits her grandson. He is also very sociable. His eyes sparkle with joy whenever he meets new people; he cannot help but to try and say hi in a cheerful voice. Adam is a magnet for making friends. He holds their hearts in his small hands.


Adam needs a stander. The device will stretch and strengthen his legs to improve his walking ability. Please be a generous sponsor for Adam!