Meet Adan!



Meet 11-year-old Adan. He was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Adan needs assistance with every day activities. Furthermore, he cannot walk.  Adan remains active and happy despite his limitations.


  Adan has interests that help to construct a fun childhood. He watches Power Rangers and the WWE. He listens to popular music, and his favorite performer is Justin Beber. He also enjoys cruising around in his motorized wheelchair at the park. Most of all, Adan absolutely loves playing with Legos. He gets a sense of satisfaction creating unique things from the colorful bricks. Adan does this with his life, too. Adan’s disability tried to tear him down, but the determined boy builds a bridge to happiness.


Adan needs a roll-in shower to bathe safely while being comfortable.  Please be his sponsor!