Meet Adele!




Meet three-year-old Adele. This little girl was diagnosed with numerous severe conditions, including epilepsy and developmental delay. She is cognitively challenged and nonverbal. Sadly, her challenges do not end here. She has very little motor control and is dependent on everyday tasks. She also has other conditions that cause difficulty breathing. Furthermore, Adele has suffered many hospital visits, including a 45 day stay while she was in an induced coma. Any of these challenges would frighten the strongest adult, but Adele is amazingly resilient.


Adele puts aside her challenges and manages to have fun. She watches movies, and her favorites are Moana, Trolls, and Frozen. She listens to relaxing music and children’s songs. Adele is captivated by Storytime and hearing tales that are best told on Christmas. She also enjoys taking walks with her mom. Adele is even artistic. She likes drawing pictures and coloring. Adele, however, is the best picture of all. She illustrates bravery and captures our hearts.


Adele needs an adaptive stroller for easier and safer transportation. Please be her sponsor!