Meet AJ!


Angel AJ C Pic 1

AJ is a 10-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy. He is confined to a wheelchair for mobility and is unable to sit upright without support. He has many more frustrations, but AJ never quits being a happy boy.

AJ loves watching sports and he is glued to Sunday television when the New York Giants pound their opponent into the loss column. Add AJ’s favorite food, pizza, to the game and he is having a perfect day! AJ is also a huge fan of wrestling and the WWE. His all-time favorite superstars are John Cena and Daniel Bryan. These two men are at the top of their game and have worn the gold belt. AJ, however, is the champion of inspiration and even the strongest wrestlers would be chanting his name!

AJ needs an adaptive pushchair that can support his head and torso. The extra support will make him more comfortable. He also uses a heavy power wheelchair that does not fit in the family vehicle. A lightweight chair that folds would be perfect for AJ to use when he has doctor’s appointments or is simply going out for a fun day. Please help AJ get the mobility equipment he needs!