Meet Alaina!



Meet 6 year-old Alaina. She had a craniotomy surgery 2 years ago. Alaina has been life flighted to the hospital 5 times. She has had severe seizures, but the young girl  has been free of these frightening episodes for a year. She is also unable to talk. Her strength is most amazing.


Alaina is best described as the most courageous girl in the world. Her list of struggles is immense, but she never complains. Alina is always smiling. She is very social, too. She loves being hugged. People sing to Alaina and her face brightens. If there is an angel to show us how to be brave, then Alaina is her name.


Alaina needs a manual wheelchair. The chair will make transportation easier for the family. Please be a generous donor for this angel!



Alaina loves her new chair! It is much safer for her to use and the added space she has now that the chair is correctly measured for her size makes her smile.