Meet Alexander!



Meet three-year-old Alexander. He was born with down syndrome. Alexander also exhibited tremors since his birth, and he was diagnosed at a year old with epilepsy. He is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. Furthermore, he is unable to walk without adaptive devices. He has a strong heart despite the frailties of his illness.


  Alexander performs activities that stimulate his auditory and tactile senses. He laughs while banging empty containers as if they were musical instruments. He listens intently to anything making noise. For example, Alexander enjoys using a Fischer Price walker complete with all the bells and whistles.   Similar to other boys, he enjoys playing with toy cars around the house. Alexander is a child who contrasts a difficult illness with his playful spirit. His family describes him the best. He is their moon that keeps everything in balance.


Alexander needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his leg strength, motor skills, and overall health. Please be his sponsor!