Meet Angelina!



Meet 10-year-old Angelina. Her life began under normal development. She was a happy and healthy girl who loved to play as any other child her age. In 2019, however, she lost all movements in her hands. Angelina’s body eventually became paralyzed. She spent two months in intensive care. She was later diagnosed with Neuro myelitis optica, a central nervous system disorder affecting the optic nerves and spinal cord. She has spent many months doing physical therapy and regained some mobility in her hands and legs. She is, however, confined to a wheelchair as a result of her illness. She remains happy and upbeat despite her life-changing diagnosis.


Angelina has a variety of interests. She is a Harry Potter fan. She watches anime and her favorite is My Hero Academia; she has a large collection of the show’s memorabilia. She listens to a variety of music, including techno pop. Angelina also likes anything creative, such as arts and crafts, and even helping dad prepare meals. Angelina amazes everybody by being strong and looking forward to each new day and overcoming the challenges it will bring. Angelina is aptly named. In several languages and around the world her name means one thing. Angel. Meet this little girl and discover a bit of Heaven on Earth.


Angelina desperately needs a new manual wheelchair. She currently uses a power chair that is heavy and difficult to handle and transport. A lightweight manual wheelchair will make life much easier for Angelina and her family. Please be her sponsor!