Meet Anthony!



Meet 19-year-old Anthony. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other illnesses, which have caused many limitations. His arms and hands have uncontrollable tremors. He is not able to move around the house without assistive devices. Anthony rides a motorized wheelchair for mobility. Furthermore, he can use a stander. Anthony also has trouble with speech, but he is determined to improve his communication skills. In fact, the teenager’s resolve is never challenged. 

Anthony’s interests reveal his strength. He is learning how to play the piano with his music and speech teacher, Beto. They have become best -friends; sometimes they sing songs together, smiling wider with every note. He also loves playing and watching soccer. His favorite team is Miami United. He even played a game alongside the teammates. Anthony’s biggest moment was scoring a goal for Miami. His mom’s eyes filled with tears as she heard the spectators erupt in cheers and applause. Anthony’s mom is his biggest fan.  She said that God has a plan for her son. Perhaps that plan is clear;  Anthony inspires everyone in his life. 

Anthony is requesting a gait trainer to improve the strength and stamina in his legs. The new equipment will also help him to play soccer with his friends. Please be a sponsor soon!