Meet Anthony!


Anthony M-S Pic 2

Anthony is a very playful 6-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy. The disability hinders his capacity to sit upright. Furthermore, Anthony cannot walk and he uses a manual wheelchair for mobility. He is, however, persistent in his pursuit of fun!

Anthony enjoys watching television. One of his favorite shows is “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” The underwater antics have Anthony laughing in bouts of silliness! He also likes sports and follows the New York Yankees. He cheers whenever their home-run hitters knock the ball high into the score column. Anthony, like all kids, likes playing with toys, too. His favorites are cars and making them race and saying “VROOM!” These activities are even better for Anthony when he has fun with friends and family.

Anthony needs adjustments to his wheelchair. He is unable to push the chair because the arm rests are incorrectly positioned. The brakes and wheels also need fixing. Please help Anthony so he can move forward!