Meet Anthony!


Anthony C L PicAnthony riding a demo adaptive tricycle during his phyiscal therapy session.

Anthony is a 10-year-old boy who was born with microcephaly and chromosomal anomalies. Anthony also has severe scoliosis and developmental delays.   As a result, Anthony has never been able to walk and he has difficulty sitting up and holding up his head. Anthony is able to roll and he continues to improve on getting up on his hands and knees. Anthony has a wheelchair for transportation and is working hard during physical therapy sessions to improve his mobility.

Although Anthony has many challenges, he is a happy kid who enjoys lots of fun things!  Anthony and his family are huge sports fans! They love to cheer on the Tampa Bay Bucs, Tampa Bay Rays and the Tampa Bay Lighting. Anthony also loves music! Two of his favorite groups are The Neverending White Lights and French group, The Dark Sanctuary.  Anthony really enjoys listening to the beautiful French accent!  Anthony loves being interactive and his favorite toys are those that either play music or speak. Furthermore, Anthony really likes getting outdoors! One of his favorite activities is to check out the beautiful trees while on walks or on outings to the park.

Anthony needs an adaptive tricycle. He would greatly benefit from the therapeutic trike because it will help him strengthen his muscles and correct the curvature in his spine.  Furthermore, the adaptive tricycle will provide a means to help Anthony reach greater independent mobility and enjoy more of the beautiful outdoors. Please help Anthony get the equipment he deserves!