Meet Aydan!



Meet 13-year-old Aydan. He was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a disorder that  affects connective tissues supporting skin, organs, bones, and other parts of the body. Aydan, as a result, experiences chronic pain and fatigue—he can walk short distances, but necessarily uses a walker when becoming tired. He also is cautious while moving because his joints easily dislocate. Unfortunately, Aydan is hearing impaired after several surgeries on his ears. Aydan has other challenges, but he never has problems finding the courage to have a great life.


 Ayden is very cool, and this trait shows in his interests and personality. He is curious about many things, especially American history and the Civil War. His hobby is playing board games, and his favorite is the classic Monopoly. He collects the best toy ever made, Hot Wheels. Aydan, however, adores most of all playing with his dogs, Sugar and Freckles. Aydan dislikes leaving his beloved pets, fearing his absence makes them lonely. In fact, Aydan has a heart more precious than a bag-full of diamonds. He is less concerned about his own needs and thinks of making everybody else happy. Aydan works hard for everything in his life, but for this boy being awesome comes easy.


Aydan needs a therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength and stamina. The trike will also be a way for him to have fun. Please be his sponsor!