Meet Bailey!



Meet eight-year-old Bailey.  She was born premature with fluid in her brain. She was not reaching normal milestones as a baby. Bailey was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She spends much of her childhood in the hospital. She uses a wheelchair for long distances but, Bailey prefers to stay strong by using her walker. Unfortunately, she also struggles with school bullies who cruelly mock her disability. She remains courageous despite her challenges.


Bailey is very versatile. She loves movies and tv shows with My Little Pony. She listens to children’s music by a local performer named Jack Hartman. She enjoys books about history and natural disasters. Bailey is even a goalie on her soccer team. She plays adaptive t-ball, too. Her next goal is to try adaptive Zumba dancing. Bailey’s favorite school activity is fishing camp. She loves the relaxing sport and has even caught a few fish worthy of a tale! Bailey has a busy life, but she always has enough time to help those in need. Baily is a glowing example of how to be the best possible person under difficult adversity.


Bailey needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her overall strength and stamina. Please be her sponsor!