Meet Beatrice!



Meet eight-year-old Beatrice. Beatrice’s family was concerned when she had a severe seizure at three months of age. Shortly afterward, Beatrice was diagnosed with multiple conditions, including epilepsy, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, and a form of autism. Beatrice is cognitively challenged and nonverbal. She also needs assistive devices to walk. She has more struggles in her life, but nothing keeps this young girl down.


   Beatrice loves being active. She likes sitting in bounce houses and feeling the sensation of a springy floor. Beatrice and her mom spend time outdoors riding a double bicycle; the cool wind has a healing effect on this young lady. She also enjoys visiting theme parks, and her favorite is the Ocean City Boardwalk; she cannot wait to ride on the Ferris wheel or the miniature tram cars. Beatrice attends school on the weekdays. Beatrice’s favorite subject is P.E. because during this period she can play on scooter boards with her friends. Clearly, limitations do not slow down Beatrice. In fact, she speeds up as if to say to her illness, “You’ll never catch me!”


Beatrice needs an activity chair to provide comfort and support while she interacts and has fun with her family. Please be her sponsor!