Meet Bettie!



Meet 12-year-old Betty. She was diagnosed at birth with multiple conditions, including, cerebral palsy and scoliosis. She also has a rare brain disorder and a heart defect. Betty is capable of doing most tasks, although she uses a wheelchair daily. She can also move around on the floor without assistance. Sadly, she was able to use a gait trainer until her condition regressed.  Betty refuses to let her mobility challenge get in the way of a fun childhood.


Betty can be described as a renaissance child. She loves anything that is Disney, whether its movies, music, tv, or books. Betty, in fact, has her own personal library; she even gets curbside pick-up from her local library. She enjoys watching gymnastics, too. Betty attends school, and her favorite topics are science and history—she really enjoyed learning about Hellen Keller. Betty can also be described as a carnival game athlete. She is really good at throwing balls into jars. Betty won several games and was awarded with pet goldfish—she literally was given a gold prize! On hot summer days, she gets refreshed by splashing and lounging in a swimming pool. If that’s not enough, Betty is artistic, and she makes beautiful jewelry and clay pots. Betty’s mom and dad ensure that she is as independent as possible by keeping everything she needs within her reach. The little girl does all of this and more, but what she excels at is being outgoing. Betty likes meeting people and making friends. 


Betty needs a bath chair to make bathing easier, safer, and more comfortable. Please be her sponsor!