Meet Carson!


Meet 10-year-old Carson. He was diagnosed with a rare degenerative nervous system disorder known as Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease. The illness caused the little boy to be cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. He is also dependent on his family for most tasks. Carson, however, is learning how to walk using his gait trainer. He is a strong boy despite his debilitating condition.    


Carson is an easy-going child. He likes all types of movies and music. He is thrilled to see exotic animals at Sea World. Carson also attends school and is always excited to ride an adaptive tricycle during gym class. This little boy impresses everybody with is the drive to learn and accomplish tasks without help. Carson exemplifies his biggest interest.   His favorite thing is the awe-inspiring, engine-roaring, car-crushing, monster truck. Similar to these unstoppable machines, Carson does not give up no matter the obstacles in his way. His rare illness is like a compact car compared to his monster-truck-sized determination. He crushes his illness with the power of his happy heart.


Carson needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his overall strength and stamina. The trike will also be another outlet for him to play while exercising. Please be his sponsor!