Meet Carter!


Meet eight-year-old Carter. He was diagnosed with various illnesses, including a rare genetic disorder known as Cardiofaciocutaneous Syndrome, which causes developmental delay and low muscle tone. Carter, although he can walk, is limited with his mobility and cannot do many fun things such as riding bikes. This limitation does not hinder his life.

Carter has many interests. He enjoys reading books about science and the solar system. He likes learning math in school. He follows Tampa Bay Lightning and screamed when they brought home the Stanley Cup. He plays the video game Roblox. His favorite outing is going to the Islands of Adventure with his family. Carter, in fact, adores his family. He shows affection by getting food and drinks for his brother. Carter shows love by spontaneously giving his family warm embraces, even though he does not usually enjoy hugging. Carter also never complains. Carter is curious about his illness and the differences he has with other kids, but he is as wise as an old sage and remains positive. This young boy has learned much in his short life. Carter is now our teacher. We learn through him the importance of embracing each day with a smile.

Carter needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his overall health. The trike will also be a way to play with his friends. Please be his sponsor!