Meet Catalina


Catalina Photo


Meet sweet 16 year-old Catalina. She was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis and cerebral palsy. The illnesses have caused a range of trials for her.  Catalina’s verbal ability is impaired, but her family understands her.  She also has severe scoliosis, and rods have been surgically implanted to straighten her spine. Despite the surgeries, she needs complete support while in a sitting position. Her days can be filled with frustrations, but instead she wakes up smiling and positive.

Catalina is described as always happy and everyone enjoys being around her. Catalina’s favorite pass-time is playing with all of her pets which include three dogs, one cat, one bunny and one bird. Catalina’s best-friend is her sister, Constanza.  They have an impenetrable bond that is strengthened each day with love and laughter.

Catalina needs a motorized tilt in space wheelchair to give her more independence. The new equipment will also simplify transportation around the community. Be a sponsor and help Catalina spread her joy to more people!