Meet Chance!


Chance pic 2

Chance is a 15-year-old who was born with cerebral palsy. Chance is not able to maneuver a manual wheelchair without assistance or sit upright without support. These challenges can be distressing for a boy who just wants to be a teenager, but with a youthful spirit he still has fun.

Chance enjoys a variety of great music, like jazz, swinging big band, and America’s #1 boss, Bruce Springsteen. He also loves television. Do you remember waiting for Looney Tunes on Saturday morning? Chance watches these classic cartoons and he always laughs at their wacky antics. But, his absolute favorite shows are game shows like “Family Feud!” Sometimes outdoor activities are more fun than t.v., and Chance would prefer to be at the park with family and friends. After being outdoors and working up an appetite, he might visit one of his favorite restaurants, Applebee’s or  TGI Friday’s. Chance eats the delicious food while engaging with the wait staff and showing them what TV show or movie he’s watching.  Chance loves electronics and gadgets!    

Chance really needs a new wheelchair.  He had spinal surgery last year which changed his sitting posture. As a result, Chance has outgrown his current wheelchair which has also become painful for him to use.  Chance desperately needs a safe and comfortable wheelchair so that he can continue to move about and spread joy to others.