Meet Cody!



Meet 19-year-old Cody. He was diagnosed with multiple illnesses, including cerebral palsy, autism, and seizure disorder. He endured several surgeries to lengthen his muscles and improve his eyesight. He has many more challenges, such as a paralyzed right arm. He can also only walk short distances using his walker. Cody is very cheerful and outgoing despite these obstacles.


Cody is very versatile. He watches hunting shows and his favorite movie is Cars. Cody listens to country music, especially anything by Luke Bryan or Brad Paisley. Furthermore, Cody is a Philadelphia Phillies fan. He reads, too. He enjoys perusing through nonfiction books and learning new things. He is even industrious. Cody is in a vocational program where he is excited to work hard and earn money. This young man is never hindered by his illness. Instead, his limitations only give him the strength to pursue excellence. Cody, in fact, is excellence defined.


Cody needs a power chair modification that allows him to elevate. The modification will make transfers easier and safer. Please be his sponsor!