Meet Corey!



Meet 3-year-old Corey. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He also has severe weakness on his right side. Corey can walk, but only in short distances. He remains happy despite these limitations.

Corey has a few interests that make his childhood fun. He watches Puppy Dog Pals and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He listens to many types of music. Corey also enjoys reading, and his favorite book is Brown Bear Brown Bear. Corey’s idea of excitement, however, is visiting Six Flags.

Nothing compares to what Corey likes doing most, being with his family. After all, the best cure for an illness is the medicine of love. And with family, the doctor is always in.

Corey needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his hand and leg strength. The trike will improve his overall mobility. Plus, Corey will have a great time riding the trike. Please be his sponsor!