Meet Crystal!


Meet 13-year-old Crystal. She endured much in her young life. She was born several weeks early and spent four months in intensive care when doctors realized that the infant had a brain hemorrhage. She had heart surgery after only two days old. Most difficult of all, Crystal was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. Crystal, despite these challenges, is remarkably strong and her biggest limitation is a balance issue while walking. She is incredibly happy, too.

Crystal might seem to be your average 13-year-old girl. She listens to modern pop music. She reads tons of books in many genres. Crystal is a soccer fan, too. She is also described as very girly. She adores her collection of beautiful dolls. Everything from backpacks to school supplies must be in her favorite color, pink. The middle schooler is even self-conscious about her appearance. However, beauty comes from within a person, and this is Crystal’s best trait. She is loving, kind, and always smiling. In fact, Crystal is far from ordinary. She is inspiring, and that makes her extraordinary.

Crystal needs an adaptive bicycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. These improvements will make it easier and safer for her to walk. Please be her sponsor!