Meet Dianeliz!



Meet 17-year-old Dianeliz. She was diagnosed with multiple conditions, including cerebral palsy and encephalopathy. Sadly, she is cognitively equivalent to a six-year-old child. Recently, doctors detected that Dianeliz was having kidney failure.  She also struggles with severe scoliosis. The list continues, but none of the challenges hinder Dianeliz from being a sweet and fun girl.

Dianeliz loves the outdoors. She takes trips with her family to visit their local beach. Dianeliz cannot wait to swim in the invigorating ocean. After cooling off in the water, she either plays in the sand or watches other people enjoying the day. Dianeliz will see strangers walk by her and she will say, “I love you!” She’s changing  the world, three words at a time.

Dianeliz needs a specialized seat for their car. Dianeliz’s primary care giver is her grandma, and the new seat will make transfers safer and less painful. Please be a generous sponsor for her soon!



Dianeliz is all smiles in her new Bruno Turney Seat. This specialized seat turns and lowers outside the vehicle making transfers much easier and safer for Dianeliz and her grandmother. Before it took 2 people to get Dianeliz into the car,