Meet Diego!



Meet eight-year-old Diego. He was diagnosed with a myriad of maladies, including metabolic disorder and developmental delay. The consequences are numerous and severe. Frequent seizures are a daily occurrence. He is unable to walk. Diego is also nonverbal. The young boy remains strong even with his multiple disabilities.


Diego is best described as being jovial. He participates in P.E. class. The coach helps Diego to perform sit-ups, and the happy boy laughs during the entire exercise.  Diego likes sports. He participates in the Miracle League where disabled children play specialized baseball. After Diego scores, his smile becomes worthy of a Sports Illustrated cover. He watches football with his dad. Diego does not understand the sport, but he is excited to spend the time with his father. In fact, Diego adores his family. Each day when his dad and brothers come home Diego is thrilled as if Santa Claus were delivering presents. Diego is the true gift. Just ask his biggest fan.


“I’m his mom. I just think he’s handsome. We’re a family that doesn’t give up on Diego”


Diego needs an adaptive tricycle. The trike will slow his progression of functional mobility, improve his overall health and give another opportunity to have fun. Please be Diego’s sponsor!