Meet Eleanor!


Eleanor is a spirited 6-year-old diagnosed with Emanuel Syndrome.  She suffers from severe global delay, seizures, hearing loss, and is fed through a G-tube.  Eleanor is unable to walk.  

Eleanor loves pink everything, and her favorite toy is her Mickey Mouse stuffed toy.  She loves spending hours playing with toys with mom and dad.  Eleanor is unable to speak, but she can definitely laugh!  Mom says she laughs all the time and can be really silly.  This little sweetheart is the light of her parents’ lives.

Eleanor needs a tilt-in-space wheelchair to allow for safe positioning and mobility at home and at school, and this has been recommended by her therapist; however, insurance only pays for a chair every 5 years…and we all know that kids actually grow faster than that.  Eleanor’s parents are struggling and cannot afford to pay outright for this chair.  Please be her sponsor!