Meet Elia!

Meet two-year-old Elia. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a rare genetic disorder known as Aicardi Syndrome. She cannot walk or stand due to her illness. She is also nonverbal. Elia, despite her limitations, is joyful and fun loving.

Elia is very playful. She loves flying high on swings and jumping up and down on her bouncy chair. She cracks up when people make funny faces and wacky sounds. In fact, Elia just likes making herself laugh by being silly. She is also loving and affectionate. She feels safe and cozy resting her head on mom. She frequently reaches for her dedicated mom as if saying, “It’s cuddle time!” Resisting Elia’s cuteness is impossible. And in a stressful world, maybe Elia has the answer. It would be a better place if the world took time out to cuddle!

Elia needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her overall health and fitness. The trike will be another outlet for her to play, too. Please be her sponsor!