Meet Elias!



Meet 13-year-old Elias. This young boy was only five when he began struggling performing normal activities. He was eventually diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Elias stopped walking when he was only nine years old, while his friends continued running, playing and riding bikes. The illness affects Elias in other ways, but he has the strength to keep moving forward.


Elias is like many children his age. He lives to play video games, and his favorite is Super Mario Brothers. He enjoys listening to pop music. Elias attends school, too. He is especially eager to solve math puzzles or reading books. In school, his choice lunch is chicken and French fries. In these ways, Elias seems like an ordinary boy. Include his disability and strength, Elias becomes extraordinary.


Elias needs a wheelchair ramp for his home. Currently, leaving his house is difficult and unsafe. Please provide him with a ramp so he can continue being active in school and with his friends!