Meet Fabian!



Meet five-year-old Fabian. He was diagnosed with spinal muscular dystrophy. He is not able to walk because of his illness. Other kids his age are running and riding bicycles, while Fabian is confined to a motorized wheelchair. He is a brave boy who is not bothered by his limitations.


Fabian has fun in his own ways. He likes television and movies. His favorite shows include Mickey’s Club House and Paw Patrol. His favorite movie, however, is Zootopia. He watched this popular animated film every day for two weeks. Fabian loves anything with animals. He has a collection of various hand-sized critters, including dinosaurs and jungle wildlife. He can even see life-sized dinos at his most anticipated restaurant, the T-Rex Cafe in Disney Springs. Fabian’s happiness, however, comes from his family. He and his dad are soccer fans. Fabian’s best day involves seeing a great game with his dad. Fabian’s grandma and aunt will come over to read the excited boy a children’s fairy tale. Each page whisks him away from all his problems, but Fabian’s tale is about a noble boy who smiles against the odds.


Fabian needs a ramp for the family vehicle.  He will be able to load his heavy wheelchair into the car and travel with his family. Please be a sponsor for him soon!