Meet Felix!



Meet three-year-old Felix. Doctors were concerned about an ultrasound that revealed Felix had physical abnormalities. He appeared, however, to be a healthy baby after his birth. Felix progressed normally and began speaking a few words. He was interacting with toys and family members. Everything changed before his second birthday when Felix suffered an hour long seizure. Doctors diagnosed him with Hydrocephalus and Epilepsy. His development stopped and regressed. He is cognitively equivalent to a nine-month-old child. He also cannot walk, stand or sit upright.  Felix remains happy despite his challenges.


Felix is a fun-loving boy. He watches Little Einsteins on television. The show’s music gets him to do a wiggly dance. Felix is thrilled with anything that makes noise. His favorite toys are plush maracas which he cannot wait to shake. All of Felix’s toys are soft—he is always cuddling with his cozy Elmo. Only one thing, however, gives him a special glow. Hugs and kisses! Felix turns his head as if to say, I’m adorable! Now kiss my cheek!” Meet Felix and fall in love with his cuteness!


Felix needs a Tumble Forms Deluxe Floor Sitter. This specialized equipment will allow Felix to sit upright and be comfortable while doing activities. Please be his sponsor!