Meet Francisco!

Francisco is a 12-year-old boy diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.  He spends most of his time in his wheelchair due to increased muscle weakness, yet he remains optimistic about life.  He enjoys Latin music, loves all books, and enjoys watching basketball on TV with his family.  Francisco is especially interested in fossils after learning about them in his science class.  

Francisco’s doctor and physical therapist have recommended an adaptive therapy tricycle for Francisco.  They even trialed him on a loaner trike for a very brief time (see photo above), just to see how well he would do on it.  The results were amazing, and they now recommend that he have his own, so he can continue to make progress.  This will also help slow down progression of the disease by increasing muscle strength in his legs, as well as improving his coordination and balance.  Additionally, the adaptive therapy tricycle will benefit him by giving him more independence and opportunities to socialize with his peers.  Please be his sponsor!