Meet Gabrielle!



Meet three-year-old Gabrielle. This little girl sadly suffers from Hypoxic – Ischemic Encephalopathy, a neurological condition that affects the entire body. Gabrielle, as a result, is completely dependent on her family. Despite the challenges, she stays as happy as can be.


Gabrielle has a bunch of interest, she watches kids’ television shows that feature music. She loves listening to children’s’ songs. Gabrielle is also a fan of Disney movies. She likes hearing her dedicated mom read the book Brown Bear. Gabrielle even enjoys the activity of being able to move around on the floor. Most of all, Gabrielle is the happiest being with her mom and older sister. Gabrielle grins simply by being in the same room with her family. However, she will also let them know if they are not paying her enough attention. This is okay with mom and big sis; Seeing Gabrielle smile is the best thing in the world.


Gabrielle needs an adaptive stroller for easier and more comfortable transportation. Please be her sponsor!