Meet Gavin!



Meet 3-year-old Gavin. He was diagnosed with severe restrictive cardiomyopathy. He also has extreme muscle weakness. This combination of illnesses restrict Gavin’s mobility. He can only walk in short distances, walking too long causes him to be short of breath. He has had numerous heart surgeries, too. Someday, Gavin hopes to have a transplant and get stronger. Gavin remains a strong and happy boy despite his severe challenge.

Gavin enjoys some fun activities. He listens to children’s music as well as watching Toy Story movies.

He watches Atlanta Braves baseball and cheers whenever they score a run. He also likes reading Curious George books. Gavin adores his pet dog named Sophie; they are best friends and are rarely apart. And not surprising, Gavin is full of love.  His favorite thing in the world is giving people hugs.  He will eventually have a transplant, but this sweet boy is all heart.

Gavin needs a hand/foot adaptive tricycle to build up muscles in his legs. Most importantly, the trike will increase his chest muscles, which is required before having his transplant. Please be his sponsor to make him healthier and happier than ever.