Meet Haleigh!

Scan0002Meet Haleigh, who wields iron strength to overcome cerebral palsy, seizure disorder and epilepsy. She endures the inability to speak and is incapable of walking or maneuvering any type of wheelchair, despite numerous orthopedic surgeries to help improve her condition. These are intimidating hardships for most people, but Haleigh is resolute to have fun.

Haleigh is like many teenage girls her age. She listens to great country and disco music. Her favorite song is the old-school but always popular “Celebration”. Haleigh also loves being active with her family. She loves watching her sister play softball. Haleigh is always there, with a beaming smile, cheering her sister all the way home.

Wheelchairs 4 Kids is helping Haleigh to obtain a Rifton adaptive bicycle. The bike will help increase leg flexibility and strength. Please be a sponsor to keep Haleigh having fun and healthy!