Meet Hudson!



Meet four-year-old Hudson. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the resulting limitations can sometimes frustrate the young boy. Hudson’s speech is limited with only a few words; he gets sad by struggling to express his feelings and desires. He also walks and stands using assistive devices. Hudson wishes that he could run and play like other kids his age. He is a strong and happy boy despite his trials!


Hudson is determined to have fun regardless of his obstacles. He watches his favorite tv show, The wiggles. He listens and dances to upbeat salsa music. Hudson also enjoys being outside on his stander and playing kickball. Most of all, Hudson loves people and being social. His favorite is being in school with his friends or going to the zoo to observe everybody having a great time. Hudson is a remarkable boy. He feels joy in the happiness of strangers.


Hudson needs an adaptive tricycle to promote independence by improving his leg strength and stamina. He can also use the trike to play with his friends and family. Please be his sponsor!