Meet Isamar!




Meet 11-year-old Isamar. This sweet child was not reaching typical milestones after her birth in Puerto Rico. Isamar’s mother’s heart broke hearing her daughter continually crying. Doctors performed tests and said she was a healthy girl. The frustrated family moved to the United States to seek answers. The doctors here were able to determine that she had Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Currently, Isamar is learning how to walk and be more independent after a recent surgery caused further complications.  Isamar is a clear example of determination in the face of a disability.


Isamar believes in living to the fullest. She likes pop music, and her favorite is Taylor Swift. However, Isamar has as much fun singing as she does listening to songs. She hopes to someday join a choir. She plays buddyball and baseball. Isamar also enjoys fishing and she even won a contest. Isamar has more interests. She is a cheerleader who redefines the meaning of spirit. She is an advocate for special needs children in several ways. Isamar wrote a story about a disabled girl who selflessly gives to her community. She wants to inspire Disney to make a film about a special need’s princess. Isamar hopes to affect people using modern technology. She desires to create a YouTube channel about her life and being a source of encouragement. Isamar does not need YouTube, though. She already inspires. Isamar has the ability to emit a piercing ray of sunshine on anybody’s darkest day. Isamar and her family came to America searching for answers. In truth, she gave us the best answer of all. Her story.


Isamar needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength and stamina. The trike will be a great way for her to have fun, too. Please be her sponsor!