Meet Jared!


Jared pic 2

Meet 9 year-old Jared. This young man was born into a world of unthinkable hardships. He suffered from a severe stroke and was later diagnosed with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. He is also blind and cognitively underdeveloped. Jared should be able to play as other kids his age, but he cannot walk and he is unsteady while sitting upright. He has found strength in his own ways to enjoy a difficult life.

Jared enjoys anything that is relaxing. He loves music and Katy Perry is his favorite artist. The humming of his family’s car is another way to soothe the boy. Jared also finds comfort being on the floor during physical therapy. Most of all things, Jared loves a good hug. He is very cuddly and dissolves in their arms while also melting their hearts.

Jared needs a wheelchair modification to allow his chair to lock in the docking station in the family van while traveling.  Please be a sponsor soon!