Meet Jasleen!



Meet seven-year-old Jasleen. She was diagnosed with Centronuclear Myopathy, a condition that causes muscle weakness and atrophy. Jasleen’s parents knew their daughter was ill when she could not eat or breathe without assistance. She can only walk or stand with help. Jasleen uses a motorized wheelchair for independent mobility. She also needs a g-tube for some of her meals. Jasleen is unimpeded by these limitations.


Jasleen likes variety. Her favorite movie is Disney’s Zombies. She reads many types of books, but Pinkalicious is her first pick. She also has an extensive Barbie doll collection that never collects dust. Jasleen enjoys going on family outings; her favorite locales are Sea World and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Jasleen, however, spends most of her time doing what she loves most, being artistic. This little artist can spend hours painting, drawing, or coloring beautiful pictures worthy of pinning on a fridge. Someday maybe even displayed in a museum. One thing is for certain. Jasleen’s determined spirit to thrive is a masterpiece of life.


Jasleen needs a portable ramp so she can load her heavy wheelchair into their family vehicle and get around town. Please be her sponsor!