Meet Jayci!


Jayci W Pic 2

Jayci is a sweet eight-year-old girl who has schizencephaly, cerebral palsy and seizures. As a result, Jayci has many difficult challenges and extremely limited mobility. She cannot walk, sit upright or hold her head up independently. Nevertheless, Jayci has a bright spirit and enjoys the sounds of soft and soothing music.  Additionally, Jayci spends most of her time at home due to her health but at times she needs to go to doctors’ appointments and enjoys outings when her health permits.

Jayci uses a wheelchair for mobility and transportation. She needs tie-downs for her wheelchair so that it can be safely secured to the family van. Currently, Jayci’s  family does not have a method to transport Jayci in her wheelchair. Tie-down brackets will allow Jayci’s family to safely transport her wheelchair in their van and give Jayci the opportunity to go on more outings. Please help Jayci get the accessibility she needs!