Jonathan M. Pic in Chair

Meet 9-year-old Johnathan who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy shortly after he was born.  He is confined to a power wheelchair, but Johnathan strives to make a change. Johnathan is able to stand and take steps with the assistance of a gait trainer. He is bound and determined that he will someday walk.  Although the exercises at therapy may not always be pleasant, he is always up for the challenge!

Johnathan enjoys many activities. He likes pop music and television. His favorite show is the popular high speed superhero, The Flash.  He is most passionate, however, about exercising. He vigorously swims in the pool and regularly works out using a gait trainer. His goal is to walk and leave behind the power wheelchair. Johnathan’s determination and strength would make any superhero proud. Johnathan, however,  is the real hero.

Johnathan needs a wheelchair lift for his family’s van, so that he can be transported safely and comfortably.  Please help him soon!