Josh Doran Picture

Meet 9-year-old Joshua! When Joshua was two he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Although he may have good reason to complain every now and then, he doesn’t. Joshua is a good-natured boy with a passion for life!

Joshua LOVES music! His favorite subject to study is music, and he prefers watching concerts on DVD or on his favorite television show, Austin City Limits Concert Series.  Music isn’t Joshua’s only passion; the boy loves his sports, as well! He is all about Miami sports as he follows The Heat and The Dolphins.  Not only does he enjoy spectating sports, but he plays too.  Joshua is on a special needs soccer and baseball team, and loves getting out on the field!  Go, Joshua, Go!!

Joshua needs a car seat to suit his needs and provide safe transport for him.  Joshua is a fun-loving boy on the go, so let’s help out and make sure he gets around safe in a new special needs car seat!