Meet Kashish!



Meet 13-year-old Kashish. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which has caused her to have several limitations. Kashish struggles controlling her muscle movements. Kashish had surgery to implant a feeding tube. She is also nonverbal. These obstacles do not prevent her from being a happy girl.


Kashish has various interests to distract from her illness. She is an avid music fan, and Taylor Swift is her favorite singer. She gets excited watching cricket sports, too. Kashish likes spending a day with her family at Universal Studios theme park.  

She also takes strolls with her mom when the weather is beautiful. The young girl and her mom are best friends. She enjoys when mom reads to her during Storytime. Kashish blinks when she especially likes a book, and mom will smile and read some more. Meet Kashish and her mom. Their lives are connected like words in a love story.


Kashish needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength and muscle control. Please be her sponsor.