Meet Katie!


Katherine C Pic

Katie is an endearing two-year-old girl who has a rare disorder called CDKL5 West Syndrome.  As a result, Katie has developmental delays and a life full of challenges and frustrations.  Katie has never been able to walk and her mobility is limited.  However, in January, she learned to crawl, but CDKL5 is progressive and this ability will likely regress.  Furthermore, Katie endures startling seizures that use to occur up to a devastating 100 times a day.  Now, Katie is on a special Ketogenic diet, which has decreased the number of seizures to 5 or 6 a week.  Amazingly, for every obstacle, Katie has found her smile.

Katie enjoys fun things like many girls her age. She likes watching Disney princesses and everyone’s favorite cartoons, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  One of Katie’s favorite activities is reading tactile books. She loves moving her fingers across the different pages and experiencing the stories through touch.  However, the most important thing in Katie’s life is her family. They turn on music and dance with unrestrained laughter. Katie and her three loving brothers take relaxing walks on a windy beach or serene nature trail.  Katie is full of life and love. She is the type of girl we want to hug and never let go.

Katie needs an adaptive stroller. The equipment will make transportation in their rural town easier and safer. The special stroller will also allow Katie to continue benefiting from therapeutic fresh air and outdoor activities with family. Will you help Katie get the equipment she needs?