Meet Kayla!





Meet 20-year-old Kayla. She was born premature and diagnosed with a difficult illness known as Mobius syndrome. The rare condition causes face paralysis and other challenges. She is unable to close her eyes, even during sleep. She is also nonverbal but the young girl communicates through technology and sign language. Kayla does not have the muscle control to chew and swallow, and she necessarily uses a g-tube for nourishment. She also endures hypotonia, which makes simple tasks impossible without assistance. Kayla, sadly, spent four years of her life in a nursing home until she was adopted by her loving grandmother. .


Kayla and her grandma have a great time together. They watch favorite shows, including  Wheel of Fortune and Blues Clues. Kayla and her grandma also enjoy movies, especially Garfield or The Secret Life of Pets films. They have fun at the Dave and Busters video arcade. The awesome grandma is there for Kayla, during good and bad times, but she is always proud of her granddaughter . Kayla has a collection of trophies and medals that she received during competitive activities at school and summer camp. Kayla is clearly a tenacious girl who is determined to get what she wants out of life. The grandmother, however, is equally resolute with her dedication towards Kayla’s happiness. These two represent the best ingredient of a family. The unbreakable bod of love.


Kayla needs a manual wheelchair to give her more independence. Please be her sponsor!