Kayleen Good Pic

Meet 17-year-old Kayleen! Shortly after Kayleen was born, she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which has left her wheelchair-bound.  Although her mobility is compromised, she faces her challenges head-on with love in her heart.

Kayleen is a true sweetheart with a definite Diva side! One of her favorite show is the Cheetah Girls, where she draws her Diva inspiration.  She absolutely loves dessert, and opts for sweets any chance she gets. Kayleen also enjoys Christian pop music, and looks forward to praise and worship at her school.

At therapy, Kayleen loves to ride the adaptive tricycle.  She benefits from the tricycle by strengthening her legs and improving her overall balance.  Her mother says that when she gets to ride the trike at therapy, she lights up! She gets the biggest smile on her face as she experiences the independence of moving forward on the trike.  Kayleen hopes to get an adaptive tricycle of her own, so that she can have the benefits of therapy at home.