Meet Keagan!




Meet 12-year-old Keagan. She was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy, which causes her to have mobility challenges. She is unable to stand. She also needs a walker for short distances. Keagan, furthermore, endured a couple of surgeries to lengthen her leg muscles. The young girl’s limited movement does not hinder her happiness.


Keagan certainly does not suffer from any lack of interests. She watches a wide variety of anime, cartoons, and Disney movies. She listens to pop music, especially the Jonas brothers and Arianna Grande. Keagan has fun visiting Disney World, but for true thrills, she prefers Busch Gardens. Keagan even plays in the Miracle League, a baseball organization designed for children with disabilities. Keagan is not just outwardly active. She also has an always-creative mind. She frequently creates elaborate stories and characters that would put most imaginations to shame. The best tale, however, is the one that Keagan reveals as she continually inspires us with her life. Meet Keagan and turn the page—she is the hero of her own story.


Keagan needs a Turney chair system for her van. The Turney chair lowers and will make it easier for Keagan to get into the seat. Please be her sponsor!