Kenneth C. PIc

Meet 9 year-old Kenneth. This boy was diagnosed with many difficult illnesses, which leads to more struggles than a child should have in their life. He is cognitively equivalent to a 9 month-old baby. Kenneth cannot speak. He has also been hospitalized 7 times this year;  however, he proves to be resilient. Kenneth’s mom refers to him as “our little superman”.

Kenneth has simple ways of finding happiness. He listens to music, and his favorite is any upbeat and fun Disney song. He also enjoys hearing a good audio book on an iPod. These activities make Kenneth smile, but the truth is he always smiles. Kenneth has a calm spirit which prevails over his trials. He is our Superman.

Kenneth needs an adaptive stroller. He does not have a wheelchair or a vehicle that is accessible,  and getting around town is currently difficult without the appropriate equipment.   An adaptive stroller will give him comfort while being able to maintain therapy and doctor’s appointments.