Meet Lauren!


Lauren Pic

Lauren is a 20 year-old-girl with cerebral palsy.  Lauren has limited mobility and is only able to walk with assistance.  However, Lauren is driven to be independent like many of her friends. They create youthful memories going to the mall shopping for the newest fashion trends or watching the latest popular movie in a popcorn-scented theater.  Lauren really likes getting goose-bumps seeing a scary movie.  Some days she would rather relax at home and play on Facebook or watch her favorite soap opera, the enduring “General Hospital.”  Lauren may seem like an ordinary girl, but get to know this young lady and you will learn she is wonderfully extraordinary.

Lauren needs two canes. Currently, Lauren is diligently working with her therapist to move from using a walker to canes. Eventually, Lauren’s goal is to walk independently.  Please help Lauren on her journey towards greater mobility!