Meet Leilany!



Meet 14-year-old Leilany. She was born premature and the doctor did not divulge concerns about her health. Leilany’s parents noticed something was wrong over a year later when the toddler was not meeting typical milestones. She was not walking or even rolling over to her side. Leilany’s hands were always curled into fists. She was eventually diagnosed with multiple illnesses, including cerebral palsy. Currently, Leilany needs assistance with most tasks. She can walk using a gait trainer. She also endures tremors, which make using forks and spoons difficult. Leilany is determined to be happy despite these and other trials.


Leilany is a hard-working student who will venture into the 8th grade this year—her favorite topics are math, science, and art. She enjoys interacting with her friends and classmates, but most of all she prefers relaxing at home. She watches Naruto, an anime series about a young ninja seeking glory. She reads the hit series, Shadow Children, by Margaret Haddix.  

She listens to popular music by Beyonce, but her favorite tune is Racheal Platten’s Fight Song. Clearly, Leilany is far from an ordinary girl. She accomplishes having a normal life while dealing with a disability. That makes her extraordinary. Leilany’s story is her fight song.


Leilany needs a specialized spoon to help her eat during tremors. This will give her an important  feeling of independence while eating with her friends and family. Please be her sponsor!