Meet Macy!

MacyMeet two-year-old Macy, who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy types 1 & 2. The illness has caused her muscles and joints to be constricted and her bones to be brittle. Macy cannot move a manual wheelchair or easily support herself in a sitting position.

Macy is a bright, friendly little chatterbox who loves My Little Pony and Dr. Seuss books. Macy’s two favorite comfort foods are Mac n’ Cheese and Chocolate Chip Cookies. She and her grandpa love watching football and rooting for the Florida Gators. Macy, however, especially looks forward to those days when she is strapped safely onto a carrier to take a bike ride with her granddad.

Macy needs a Supine Stander to promote weight bearing through the feet in a standing position. This will improve and maintain the health of her bones and joints to avoid further complications from her illness. Please be a sponsor for Macy!