Meet Maya!



Meet 16-year-old Maya. She began walking on her tip toes and moved slower than other kids her age. She was eventually diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy. She is no longer capable of walking or standing without assistance. Instead, Maya uses a gait trainer for independent mobility, but this limitation does not prevent her from being a remarkable young lady.


Maya rocks. She is a fan of the epic series Stranger Things. She enjoys the Harry potter books and movies. She listens to inspiring Broadway music. She gets an adrenalin rush riding Space Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The ride ends and Maya cannot wait to get back in line. Maya is also creative and intelligent. She expresses her creative side by drawing artwork worthy of framing in a museum. She plays music on a piano with enough emotion to bring anyone to tears.  Maya is even a brilliant student with enough academic successes to impress scholars. Meet Maya!


Maya is requesting a pool lift. The equipment will make putting her into a swimming pool easier and safer. Maya will feel great in the weightless water while being able to exercise her legs. This will help to achieve her goal of someday walking. Please be her sponsor!